Monday, July 2, 2012

Freedom of Worship . . .

 "Freedom of Worship," Norman Rockwell. 1943.
As Catholics we have been called to pray and reflect on Freedom of Worship and Religious Liberty during these days approaching the 4th of July.

Hence we pray that all peoples are free to practice their faith and worship freely. . . . 

For the freedom to love…     
For the freedom to believe…    
For the freedom to hope…    
For the freedom to worship…     
For the freedom to serve in charity…    
For the freedom to care for the suffering…   
For the freedom to comfort the sick…   
For the freedom to feed the hungry…   
For the freedom to shelter the homeless…   
For the freedom to proclaim the Gospel…  
For the freedom to walk in chastity…  
For the freedom to live in peace…    
For the freedom to work in good conscience…  
For the freedom to stand in solidarity…   
For the freedom to seek justice…   

For all these freedoms . . . .  Give us your grace, Oh Loving God.

O God, who gave one origin to all peoples 
and willed to gather from them one family for yourself,
fill all hearts, we pray, with the fire of your love 
and kindle in them a desire 
for the just advancement of their neighbor, 
that, through the good things which you richly bestow upon all, 
each human person may be brought to perfection, 
every division may be removed, 
and equity and justice may be established in human society. 
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,  
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, 
one God for ever and ever. 
+ AMEN  

Based on the Collect for the Mass “For the Progress of the Peoples,”  
Masses for Various Needs and Occasions, No. 29, 
Roman Missal, Third Edition

To learn more from the USCCB about Religious Liberty see:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"If I but touch the hem of his garment,
I will be made whole.”
    Mark 5:28

How often do we overlook those in desperate need? 

Jesus instantly turned about in the crowd,
looked, saw . . . and healed.

Loving God,
we pray for open eyes
open hearts
so that
all may be made whole.

+ Amen +


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pax Christi-Phoenix 
along with
the Arizona Death Penalty Forum (AzDPF),
the Coalition of Arizonans to Abolish the Death Penalty (CAADP)
and the Arizona Ecumenical Council,
invite you to join them to
witness against the execution of Samuel Villegas Lopez
and to promote the abolishment of the death penalty

  • Date: Tuesday, June 26th
  • Speakers: 6:00 – 6:15 PM (led by AzDPF)
  • Prayer Vigil: 6:15 – 6:30 PM (led by Pax Christi)
  • Where: The front lawn of the Senate Building at the Arizona State Capitol on 17th Ave. between W. Adams and W. Jefferson Streets, Phoenix, AZ
            (There is parking available in the parking lot near Wesley Bolin Plaza.)

For the second time, Mr. Lopez is scheduled to be executed on Wednesday, June 27th. He will be the 4th person to be killed by Arizonans this year. We come together to pray for victims of capital crimes and their families, as well as for the one who will be executed and his family. 

We also come together to reflect on state-sanctioned killing. We will pray for healing and for the opening of hearts of our government leaders, those in charge of our prison system, all who participate in our judicial system, and all citizens of Arizona. It will be a time to reflect and renew our commitment to abolish the death penalty.

For more information about the Witness, please contact Margaret/Dan Wolford (Pax Christi-Phoenix) @, Billy Fidlin (AZ Ecumenical Council) @; Inge Casey (AzDPF) @ or Dan Peitzmeyer (CAADP) @

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Retreat . . . .

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Posts will resume 
beginning July 1, 2012

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