Monday, June 15, 2009

Legislative Updates from "The Voice of the Poor" & The Arizona Catholic Conference

It's a critical time right now for the poor in Arizona as the State Budget hangs in the balance. . .

St. Vincent De Paul Society in Arizona has a legislative/advocacy arm. It is called ‘The Voice of the Poor’(VOP) and is based in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Learn about it at:

The Mission Statement of Voice of the Poor (Diocesan Council of Phoenix):

Believing in the dignity of every person, Voice of the Poor supports Catholic social teaching. Under the direction of the Diocesan Council, we will advocate for justice on behalf of those in need, while educating St. Vincent de Paul members about economic and social issues impacting the poor.

You can find weekly VOP ARIZONA LEGISLATIVE UPDATES and ACTION ALERTS at this link:

The Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC) is the public policy agency for the Diocese of Gallup, the Diocese of Phoenix, and the Diocese of Tucson.

You can find ACC ACTION ALERTS at this link:

Get updated on the issues and make your voice heard for the poor!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Casa San Juan: "Welcoming the Stranger Among Us"

The Casa San Juan Center in Tucson serves families living in poverty, homeless families, and immigrant families. Hundreds of families each month request help with immediate needs, such as help with food, clothing, medical, or shelter. Families also receive help with advocacy, education or immigration related assistance. Immigration issues have become a primary local, state and national focus.

The specific goal of the Center is to provide immediate help and work toward justice to advance the quality of life for all, including immigrant children and adults.

The Casa San Juan Center was established in 2002 by the Diocese of Tucson at the request of Bishop Manuel Moreno, Bishop Gerald F. Kicanis, Pastor Raul P. Trevizo, and lay members of the community at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church,Tucson, Arizona.

The Center is located in one of the poorest areas of Tucson, in the south side of the city where there is a large concentration of
homeless adults and poor families, many whom are immigrants.

To learn more about Casa San Juan and how you can get involved and help, see the Center's website: